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Welcome to the community of ONE and home of ONE Ministries. At ONE Ministries, we embrace all as ONE People “human beings” created by ONE Creator “humanity’s Creator.” We don’t separate based on race, religion, nationality, gender, or cultural differences, teaching that God’s only two categories of labels used in distinguishing us are male and female, and good and evil. Fundamental to everything we believe and practice, based on the Philosophy of One is that the same Creator created us all and established the same expectations of all, which are rooted in embodying His essence of good in our thoughts, words, and actions, that in doing so we glorify Him. Our work is to unite humans beyond our human labels in Source, as His rainbow coalition of diversity with universal principles and characteristics of good, to establish His kingdom in the earth of good reigning over evil. This requires establishing a foundation for all to stand on based on the number ONE being the genesis of all creation, regardless of our differences in beliefs about this ONE Creator. When we begin with ONE, it helps us all trace our lineage back through history to the truth that we’re all the legitimate children of the Invisible Spirit that created all things in both the spiritual and physical dimensions of existence.

He that has an ear, let him hear and take the step towards the light of truth that shines through darkness in pointing the way to life, and life more abundantly in this life and the afterlife. Stepping in the light is a step into freedom from the box of thinking of God as a religious, ethnic, national, or cultural god of some based on our differences. It’s the step into the truth that He’s ONE eternal Being who created us all, not to separate and kill each other based on our diversity; but rather to embrace our diversity, glorify Him for His creation of diversity, and use it to be better, do better, know better, serve better, and build better individually and collectively. And know that the angels in this earth and those freely roaming around as spiritual beings are celebrating you for your decision to discover the truth, live the truth, and then share the truth.

Transforming Minds - Let's Talk About It!

DECEPTION OF DIVISION: Muslim terrorists hijack planes and flies them into the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Christian man enters Jewish Synagogue and kills 11 people. Bombs fly over Israel as Jews and Palestinians war over the West Bank. Person intervenes in conflict over whose religious god is the true and living God. Religious, racial, national, and political animus and vitriol at a dangerous breaking-point.  Christians persecuted, Muslims persecuted, Jews persecuted, and Hindus persecuted. Who wins in the war of humanity versus ourselves; and what do we win by destroying and killing each other: more division, fighting, and war?

The foundation is broken. The earth shook, and it shook us (see fixing the foundation)...continue reading.



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2/29/20 - God Beyond Names and Religions Seminar - 9am - 3pm

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