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At ONE Ministries, we are becoming the largest ministry and religion humanity has ever known, by guiding people to God beyond names, teaching His human expectations of us beyond religion, providing the resources needed to help us become our best selves, and by creating a global society and economy of God that values we over me, and people over profits. We win individually when our good outweighs our evil. We win collectively when we're united beyond human labels as One People in One Philosophy for God, building His kingdom in the earth of good reigning over evil. You want the best God has to offer? If so, Join the Movement comprised of individuals from all nationalities, ethnicities, and religions, and help us save humanity by calling us all back to God and His Philosophy of ONE. Welcome to the community of ONE!

Transforming Minds - Let's Talk About It!

DECEPTION OF DIVISION: Muslim terrorists hijack planes and flies them into the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Christian man enters Jewish Synagogue and kills 11 people. Bombs fly over Israel as Jews and Palestinians war over the West Bank. Person intervenes in conflict over whose religious god is the true and living God. Religious, racial, national, and political animus and vitriol at a dangerous breaking-point.  Christians persecuted, Muslims persecuted, Jews persecuted, and Hindus persecuted. Who wins in the war of humanity versus ourselves; and what do we win by destroying and killing each other: more division, fighting, and war?

The foundation is broken. The earth shook, and it shook us (see fixing the foundation)...continue reading.



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