"And they shall know the truth, and the truth shall make them free"

Saving Humanity With Truth

God is the foundation that unites everything into ONE; and we suffer personally and collectively because we've broken the foundation. In doing so, we're broken, perpetually at war with one another, living life from the perspective of Us versus Them. The lies we believe that destroy us say we're supposed to be divided and at war with each other defending one God against the others, fighting for religious supremacy on the earth.

The Truth says we're fighting the wrong wars because My enemy is evil. It's evil that lives openly and that hides behind the labels of religion. It says there's a way forward that unites the world beyond labels as One people in a foundation that is the Beginning and the End. Now know the 7 Great Truths about our Father.

1. God is an invisible Spirit in a 2-dimensioinal world of spiritual and physical

2. The God that creates one creates all in both the spiritual and physical dimensions

3. God is the God of good in a world of good and evil based on universal and timeless good and evil

4. The Creator of humans by default represents our Father, inseparably connected to us to guide, protect, comfort, and encourage us...click here to continue reading

Uniting Humanity With Truth

Eight is the number spiritually that represents new beginnings. Now is the time for a new beginning in our understanding of God, self, others, and God's will for us individually and collectively. The Apostle said that our new transformative beginning happens via a renewing of our minds. What we know about our old and normal way of understanding and engaging one another about God and religion is that it divides us into tribes fighting each other for religious supremacy, racial supremacy, and national superiority, while doing little to collectively combat the true enemy of God, religion, and humanity, which is evil.

These 8 Great Truths will help us reorient of our thoughts and lives around us all being One people created by One God to manifest our best, building lives that glorify God and a world of good that benefits people of all labels. We don't have to continue believing the lies that divide us into war based on God's gift to us of diversity. We can take these universal and timeless truths, live them, and share them in saving humanity for God and good against evil. Now know the 8 Great Truths and All-times and live.

1. God is the same Spirit that creates all life, including humans who are black, white, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Indian, and atheist.

2. We're the same underneath our labels. We're all the children of God and siblings of the human family.

3. God's human expectations are the same for us all. He wants us to embody His essence in our thoughts, words, and actions....click here to continue reading

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