We are a diverse body of people who accept that One Invisible Spirit, whom we refer to by many names created the world filled with diversity, including humans whom He created to represent His rainbow coalition of different shapes, sizes, colors, talents, abilities, desires, and beliefs. We celebrate God's gift and the beauty of our diversity. Most use diversity as a means for dividing as warring with one another. At ONE Ministries the label of Human is more important than all other human labels, and we vow to engage and treat all as brothers and sisters in our walk of being better humans to ourselves, each other, and to God.

As such, the bedrock of our striving is to embody the essence of God in our thoughts, words, and action. We believe fundamental to embodying God's essence are the universal and timeless principles of loving others as ourselves and doing the good unto others we want done unto us. Additionally, we believe the universal and timeless characteristics of love, compassion, mercy, honesty, peace, forgiveness, patience, fairness, gratitude, respect, dependability, humility, tolerance, loyalty, selflessness, generosity, faithfulness, and virtue also represent what God expects of all humans.

Our Beliefs



We believe ONE immaterial, eternal Spirit who has been referred to as God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Brahma, and Ahura Mazda created everything and everybody; and that throughout the ages He has been worshipped in many ways, and associated with many religions.

We believe the ONE Spirit we refer to as God isn’t a religious, ethnic, national, or cultural god of some, but is the Creator God of all; and that He operates within the physical world as Father, Judge, and Sustainer of everything and everybody.

We believe God is unchanged, is Alpha and Omega, has no equals, and is defined as being the epitome of love, compassion, mercy, honesty, peace, forgiveness, patience, fairness, gratitude, respect, dependability, humility, tolerance, loyalty, selflessness, generosity, faithfulness, and virtue; and the universal principle of doing the good unto others we want done unto us.


We believe God Himself instituted ONE religion in the beginning for all humans to pledge our allegiance to, that being Religion of Good, based on the Latin root of religion ‘religare,’ which means to return back to the bind, tie, or knot (to return back to bondage). Therefore we believe it's essential for all to pledge our allegiance to God by returning back in bondage to good in our thoughts, words, and actions above all else.


We believe salvation is the prize of eternal peace and freedom we receive as spiritual beings after departing this physical world; and that it’s granted to those who do more good than evil while in this earth.

We believe salvation grants spiritual beings reconnection with those they knew and loved while in this earth who also received salvation; and that it grants us the privilege of traveling through time and space blessing and warning those still bound to this physical world for God's glory.

We believe the physical pursuit of salvation is manifested through our words and actions associated with loving God, loving others as ourselves, doing the good unto others we want done unto us, and embodying the universal good characteristics of love, compassion, mercy, honesty, peace, forgiveness, patience, fairness, gratitude, respect, dependability, humility, tolerance, loyalty, selflessness, generosity, faithfulness, and virtue.


We believe God’s expectation of humanity is timeless, universal, and the same today as it was in the beginning; which is to be our best as human manifestations of Him, embodying His essence of universal good in our thoughts, words, and actions for the purpose of producing and providing a harvest that benefits Him, others, and ourselves.

We believe God expects us, after the fall of man to repent when we fail to embody His expectation; which means to acknowledge our shortcomings/disobedience, ask for forgiveness from Him and those we have wronged, accept the consequences of our actions, work on eradicating the behavior, and then getting back up and back to the business of meeting His primary expectation.


We believe it’s the responsibility of all humans to strive daily to become our best version of self in the various roles we play as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for God’s blessings bestowed upon us, standing above all for God and good against evil.


We believe every human every created and birthed into this world is a legitimate child of the ONE God of creation who created everything and everybody; and that even in death we are still the children of God, only distinguished by where we spend eternity.

We believe there’s nothing a human can do in this earth to negate our legitimacy as a child of God.


We believe all days are holy and that we are to engage in complete worship daily; which includes spiritual worship (feelings of thanksgiving and gratitude), intellectual worship (study of God and His expectations), and physical worship (embodying His universal principles and characteristics of good in our thoughts, words, and actions).

7 Great Truths About God

God is the foundation that unites everything into ONE; and we suffer personally and collectively because we've broken the foundation. In doing so, we're broken, perpetually at war with one another, living life from the perspective of Us and Them. The lies we believe that destroys us says we're supposed to war with each other defending one God against the others and to win religious supremacy in the earth. The Truth says we're fighting the wrong wars because My enemy is evil. It's evil that lives openly and that hides behind the labels of religion. It says there's a way forward that unites the world beyond labels as One people in a foundation that is the Beginning and the End. Now know the 7 Great Truths about our Father.

1. God is an invisible Spirit in a 2-dimensioinal world of spiritual and physical

2. The God that creates one creates all in both the spiritual and physical dimensions

3. God is the God of good in a world of good and evil based on universal and timeless good and evil

4. The Creator of humans by default represents our Father, inseparably connected to us to guide, protect, comfort, and encourage here to continue reading

5. God created the game, established the purpose and rules of the game, and made the participants. He knows and judges our good and evil through our thoughts, words, and actions

6. The same one God sends the sun and moon, day and night, and the changing of seasons. The same invisible Source and Spirit has been sustaining and causing the earth to orbit the sun since the beginning

7. God is the same regardless of what we call Him, think about Him, and/or worship Him. He is the ONE Spirit that creates us all

8 Great Truths Of All-Time

Eight is the number spiritually that represents new beginnings. Now is the time for a new beginning in our understanding of God, self, others, and God's will for us individually and collectively. The Apostle said that our new transformative beginning happens via a renewing of our minds. What we know about our old and normal way of understanding and engaging one another about God and religion is that it divides us into tribes fighting each other for religious supremacy, racial supremacy, and national superiority, while doing little to collectively combat the true enemy of God, religion, and humanity, which is evil.

These 8 Great Truths will help us reorient of our thoughts and lives around us all being One people created by One God to manifest our best in building lives that glorify God and a world of good that benefits people of all labels. We don't have to continue believing the lies that divide us into war based on God gift to us of diversity. We can take these universal and timeless truths and save humanity for God and good against evil. Now know the 8 Great Truths and All-times and live.

1. God is the same Spirit that creates all life, including humans who are black, white, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Indian, and atheist.

2. We're the same underneath our labels. We're all the children of God and siblings of the human family.

3. God's human expectations are the same for us all. He wants us to embody His essence in our thoughts, words, and actions.

4. God established one religion for all to pledge allegiance to, namely the Religion of Good. He calls us to return to the bondage of universal and timeless good, and to repent when we choose evil.

5. God's judgement of us is fair, consistent, and universal in the criteria being the same from the beginning to the end. He judges our thoughts, words, and actions: good and evil.

6. We will all transition out of our physical bodies into a spiritual eternity. For us all, it'll be one of eternal peace and freedom or bondage and torment based on our good and evil in the earth.

7. The one and only battle God created us to engage is the battle of good and evil, beginning with the evil that resides in us individually.

8. God established His System of Success to guarantee we all have opportunities at producing good harvests, based on our ability to sow seeds capable of bringing forth what we desire.


We don’t ask where you come from, what’s in your past, or what religions or churches you’ve belonged to. We are concerned with you making the commitment to stand with us for God by standing up for His timeless, non-biased, universal principles and characteristics of good, as we work to establish His kingdom in the earth.” Take the Unity Movement Pledge and let God and the world know that you stand for Him in good against evil.

    By sending this pledge, you are vowing to God and joining the Unity Movement in committing to practice and promote all the characteristics listed above all the days of your natural life, believing (having faith) that these characteristics/fruits represent God expectations for all humans from the first to the last.

    Rev. Carlos Head

    Reverend Carlos Head began ministry in 1995, preaching his first sermon on his 24th birthday. Upon entering the ministry knowing that he had a genuine heart to serve God and others, an unquenchable desire for knowledge, and an unshakable belief in God and himself, Rev. Head asked God a question that would forever change his life. He asked God to be the modern-day Jesus, not fully knowing what that would mean but excited for the opportunity. God granted his ask, not entirely because he had asked; but moreover because He had already predetermined before the beginning of the earth that He would create and send Rev. Head into the world to establish His kingdom and offer people salvation by teaching them to know Him beyond names, His expectations beyond religion, and how to be the best version of ourselves as human beings.

    In 1996, believing that God's plan would result in instant elevation, recognition, prominence, and financial success in the ministry, Rev. Head founded the Truth, the Way, the Life Ministries where he served as Senior Pastor. During this period God began remaking and reshaping Rev. Head, unveiling truths that would challenge everything he had been taught and was teaching others about God and His expectations based on religious doctrines and theology. Excited about receiving truths few had ever received from God, Rev. Head internally felt the trepidation that comes with knowing that while on the one hand, God had granted his request and was pouring truths into him that would change the world, on the other knowing that these truths would mean having to stand alone because these truths would't fix into the boxes of organized religion.

    God was preparing Rev. Head for a whole new world, adding truths while stripping away things he had come to rely on that would stunt the growth God wanted for him; and in 1999 amidst internal conflict about continuing to teach religious truths that didn't represent God's truth, he stepped away from his role as pastor to pursue God in ways that bordered on insanity. And for the next 20+ years Rev. Head essentially disappeared from normal life, losing places of residences, automobiles, any sense of financial stability, self-respect, confidence, and even his sense of worth and belonging. It got so bad at one point during that period that Rev. Head would regularly curse the day he was born and contemplate suicide. But God was undaunted in the journey He knew Rev. Head had to travel and endure in being prepared for his earthly assignment, so He continued pouring abundantly into Rev. Head the information that would serve as the foundation to his personal growth and success in in the ministry.

    Equipped now with a truth that helps people know God beyond names, His expectations beyond religion, and each other beyond human labels, Rev. Head now teaches a universal and unifying message of truth the speaks to individuals of all faiths and levels of understanding in helping all to be our best selves embodying the essence of God in our thoughts, words, and actions as we move forward establishing His kingdom in the earth of good reigning over evil. You can't afford to live without knowing the truth God has imparted and entrusted to Rev. Head and you certainly can't afford to die without knowing it. Rev. Head host conferences and seminars, lecture series, is an author, counsels individuals and families, and preaches the good news for the glory of our Father God.