We are a diverse body of people who accept that One Invisible Spirit, whom we refer to by many names created the world filled with diversity, including humans whom He created to represent His rainbow coalition of different shapes, sizes, colors, talents, abilities, desires, and beliefs. We celebrate God's gift and the beauty of our diversity. Most use diversity as a means for dividing as waring with one another. At ONE Ministries the label of Human is more important than all other human labels, and we vow to engage and treat all as brothers and sisters in our walk of being better humans to ourselves, each other, and to God.

As such, the bedrock of our striving is to embody the essence of God in our thoughts, words, and action. We believe fundamental to embodying God's essence are the universal and timeless principles of loving others as ourselves and doing the good unto others we want done unto us. Additionally, we believe the universal and timeless characteristics of love, compassion, mercy, honesty, peace, forgiveness, patience, fairness, gratitude, respect, dependability, humility, tolerance, loyalty, selflessness, generosity, faithfulness, and virtue also represent what God expects of all humans.

Rev. Carlos Head

Reverend Carlos Head began ministry in 1995, preaching his first sermon on his 24th birthday. Upon entering the ministry knowing that he had a genuine heart to serve God and others, an unquenchable desire for knowledge, and an unshakable belief in God and himself, Rev. Head asked God a question that would forever change his life. He asked God to be the modern-day Jesus, not fully knowing what that would mean but excited for the opportunity. God granted his ask, not entirely because he had asked; but moreover because He had already predetermined before the beginning of the earth that He would create and send Rev. Head into the world to establish His kingdom and offer people salvation by teaching them to know Him beyond names, His expectations beyond religion, and how to be the best version of ourselves as human beings.

In 1996, believing that God's plan would result in instant elevation, recognition, prominence, and financial success in the ministry, Rev. Head founded the Truth, the Way, the Life Ministries where he served as Senior Pastor. During this period God began remaking and reshaping Rev. Head, unveiling truths that would challenge everything he had been taught and was teaching others about God and His expectations based on religious doctrines and theology. Excited about receiving truths few had ever received from God, Rev. Head internally felt the trepidation that comes with knowing that while on the one hand, God had granted his request and was pouring truths into him that would change the world, on the other knowing that these truths would mean having to stand alone because these truths would't fix into the boxes of organized religion.

God was preparing Rev. Head for a whole new world, adding truths while stripping away things he had come to rely on that would stunt the growth God wanted for him; and in 1999 amidst internal conflict about continuing to teach religious truths that didn't represent God's truth, he stepped away from his role as pastor to pursue God in ways that bordered on insanity. And for the next 20+ years Rev. Head essentially disappeared from normal life, losing places of residences, automobiles, any sense of financial stability, self-respect, confidence, and even his sense of worth and belonging. It got so bad at one point during that period that Rev. Head would regularly curse the day he was born and contemplate suicide. But God was undaunted in the journey He knew Rev. Head had to travel and endure in being prepared for his earthly assignment, so He continued pouring abundantly into Rev. Head the information that would serve as the foundation to his personal growth and success in in the ministry.

Equipped now with a truth that helps people know God beyond names, His expectations beyond religion, and each other beyond human labels, Rev. Head now teaches a universal and unifying message of truth the speaks to individuals of all faiths and levels of understanding in helping all to be our best selves embodying the essence of God in our thoughts, words, and actions as we move forward establishing His kingdom in the earth of good reigning over evil. You can't afford to live without knowing the truth God has imparted and entrusted to Rev. Head and you certainly can't afford to die without knowing it. Rev. Head host conferences and seminars, lecture series, is an author, counsels individuals and families, and preaches the good news for the glory of our Father God.