In the beginning ONE invisible Spirit existed absent any names and religions. He is responsible for having created everything in both the spiritual and physical dimensions of existence. Having created humans, we began referring to the Creator using a diversity of names, associating Him with a diversity of human beliefs. As such, we think of Source as being a religious, ethnic, national, and cultural god of some, forgetting that all existence began with ONE, who is the ALPHA and OMEGA, and Creator of all things regardless of the names we use and religions we associate Him with.


ONE Invisible Spirit "humanity's Creator" created all humans from the first to the last in His image and likeness, with a diversity of shapes, sizes, colors, talents, abilities, desires, thoughts. Having created diversity to represent His rainbow coalition, we took that diversity and created human labels to self-identify and identify others, primarily for the purpose of distinguishing differences. Those human labels include racial, religious, political, national, and social human labels. Underneath those labels we are all human beings created by ONE Spirit, who distinguishes us using the labels of male and female, and good and evil.


The ONE Spirit responsible for all creation created there to be order, which is rooted in the things created operating consistent with its best. Having created human beings to operate as our best, God established universal and timeless principles and characteristics meant for all to embody in our striving towards our best. Those He instituted as human expectations meant to govern all, from the 1st human to the last. Chief among those expectations are for us to engage life loving others as ourselves and doing the good unto others we want done unto us. Also including are the expectations that we embody the characteristics of love, compassion, mercy, honesty, peace, forgiveness, patience, fairness, gratitude, respect, dependability, humility, tolerance, loyalty, selflessness, generosity, faithfulness, and virtue in our thoughts, words, and actions.


When the first human failed to embody God's expectations, He created a method of calling us back to our first love and mind. We took the calling and named it religion, based on the Latin root of the word religion, ‘religare’, which means to return back to the bind, tie, or knot (to return back to bondage). Tied to the call to return back is the act of repenting, which includes acknowledging our indiscretion, rectifying it, turning away from it, and turning back to good. Because we are our best when embodying the essence of God, His call is for us to return back to the bondage, knot, and tie to universal and timeless principles and characteristics of good, as revealed above (see Truth 3).


God knows the tree by the fruits it bears. He creates a diversity of trees, not thinking the apple tree is better than the orange tree, although their fruits are different. Humanity's Creator created us to bear a diversity fruits, and because we are unique individuals, we will bear them in a diversity of ways. What this means is that the distinction in judging the fruits is based on it being a good fruit or bad/evil fruit. It is appointed unto all humans to die a physical death and to return to our original state as spiritual beings. As spiritual beings we will be granted peace and freedom or torment and bondage. Because ONE God, who is non-biased and fair in loving and judging us all, He established ONE method in determining how we spend eternity; which is based on doing more good than evil in this earth. This allows Him to know us all based on our thoughts, words, and deeds (our fruits), whether good or evil, consistent with His Law of Sowing and Reaping. We sow more good than evil in the earth, and we reap peace and freedom. We sow more evil than good in the earth and we reap torment and bondage.


Beyond names and religion, the ONE Creator of all things serves us all, regardless of our individual beliefs and actions as our Father "by default as our Creator", our Judge, and our Sustainer. He created all humans. Having created all humans to embody His essence, He judges all of our human thoughts, words, and actions. Having created all things in the physical dimension, He is responsible for sustaining every and all things in the physical world.