God. Beyond Names and Religion Seminar is a single-day online seminar that's a must attend for the religious, spiritual, and non-religious alike desiring a deeper, more in-depth understanding of humanity's Creator. Attending this conference will prove monumental in your walk with God. Attendees will discover universal and timeless truths about God most have never heard that helps us remove our Creator from the box of just being a religious, ethnic, national, or cultural god of some. Packed in this 7-session seminar are many of the secret truths about God that equipped Jesus of Nazareth and all the great sages and seers throughout history to become world changers. It’s a foundation establishing seminar that aligns and positions us to receive all Source has for us, whether that be peace, healing, a job/better career, promotion, companionship, help for a loved one, an assurance of salvation, encouragement, better family dynamics, direction and/or guidance, comfort, material wealth, joy and fulfillment, renewed energy, freedom from bondage, hope, and relief from suffering.

Our job and responsibility as humans is to seek and search for greater knowledge and understanding of God, that we might more perfectly embody His essence in our thoughts, words, and actions. Taking the step and attending this seminar signals to God that you’re ready to come higher into a greater understanding of truth. By the end of this seminar, you will no longer pit God against Himself for our allegiance, no longer waste time and energy fighting over the names of God, and no longer think of our Creator as just a religious, ethnic, national, or cultural God of some. You will know God the way He's always wanted us to know Him, which is as ONE. This is one of those seminars you wait a lifetime to attend, but think could never happen. Register now because attendance will be limited to allow for an intimate Q&A discussion. Don't miss out on the truth. Your life and the fate of humanity depends on it.

DATE: October 24, 2020

TIME: 9:00am - 5:00pm

LOCATION: Online (ZOOM) Entrance code will be sent upon registering for seminar

See detailed schedule of conference below.

Schedule of Seminar:

Section 1: Technical Truths

  • Session 1: God the Spirit

This opening session establishes a foundation that helps attendees build an understanding of God, the Invisible Spirit who in the beginning existed in the invisible or spiritual dimension absent names and religious affiliations. It highlights who Source was before humans and our human understandings and perceptions of Him.

  • Session 2: God the Source of All Creation

In this session we walk through the creation of all existence. Beginning with the creation of heaven/paradise and why it was created, we transition into the creation of the physical world, culminating with the creation and unique makeup of humans. This walk through creation helps attendees trace the creation of all humans and all things back to the same Invisible Spirit responsible for creating us all.

Section 2: Personhood

  • Session 3: God our Father

This session transitions attendees into an awareness of God from a perspective of personhood, as in possessing many of the characteristics humans possess. Attendees of this session explores God in His role as our Father, highlighting the ways He shows up for us to provide us guidance, protection, encouragement, help, and comfort.

  • Session 4: God the Judge

This session looks at the different dispensations of the human experience with an emphasis on the free will given to us all to choose our thoughts, words, and actions; and answer the age old question 'Does God use different criterion in judging us' based on time, geographical regions, and religious beliefs.

  • Session 5: God our Sustainer

This session focuses on the continuity and harmony at which everything created is sustained within and outside our universe, highlighting the fact that Something or Someone has been responsible for sustaining all things since they were first created. This session is where we been considering the likelihood of multiple gods joining forces to sustain all things in heaven and earth.

Section 3: ONE...Alpha and Omega

  • Session 6: God of Goodness

This session explores the essence of the Creator Spirit we refer to as God, highlighting and associating Him with universal and timeless principles and characteristics considered good throughout history, among all people, in all the various religions, inclusive of all the regions around the world.

  • Session 7: God Beyond Names and Religions

This session takes all the information covered in the previous six sessions and applies it to numbers; and then beginning with the number ONE, we begin exploring the ONE beyond names and religions, providing attendees the truth about God that removes Him from the box of just being the religious, ethnic, national, or cultural god of some. It helps us see humanity's Creator as ONE, regardless of our different versions of Him.