The God. Beyond Names & Religion conference is a 1-day conference, designed for both the religious and non-religious alike who are seeking a more in-depth, deeper understanding and connection with humanity's Creator. Attending this conference will provide you universal and timeless truths about the Creator, while also providing practical instructions you can apply in garnering the things and favor you want from our Father, whether those things be peace, healing, a job/better career, promotion, companionship, help for a loved one, an assurance of salvation, encouragement, better family dynamics, direction and/or guidance, comfort, material wealth, joy and fulfillment, renewed energy, freedom from bondage, hope, or relief from suffering.

This conference is divided into six sessions, packed with lessons from on high that take you from what you know about God and elevate that understanding, helping you know the Creator the way He has always wanted all of humanity to know Him. By attending this conference, you will be provided the secrets Jesus of Nazareth and all the great sages and seers throughout history knew about God that helped them become world changers. You will leave this conference excited and empowered with a heavenly knowledge that will make you wonder why every religion isn't teaching this simple truth about God. Simply put, you can't afford to miss this conference. Your life, salvation, and success depends on it.

See detailed schedule of conference below.

Session 1

Foundation of God...Technically Speaking

This session reveals the Creator beyond our religious and philosophical beliefs, establishing a foundation of Him based on numbers and the 2-dimensions of existence. Participants will learn to see and understand humanity's Creator beyond our different versions of Him as ONE.


Session 2

Creating From Beginning to End

This session disentangles God from specific religious, ethnic, and national affiliations, and presents Him as the Creator of all things in both the spiritual and physical dimensions of existence. In doing so, attendees will get the opportunity to trace the creation of everybody and all things back to the same Invisible Spirit responsible for creating us all.


Session 3

Mine versus Your, versus Our Father

This session explores the 5 roles of the Creator as humanity's Father, highlighting how the Creator serves each of us as a Guide, Protector, Comforter, Encourager, and as a Rewarder of Obedience. After attending this session, it will be clear that justifying the supremacists ideology is anti-God, as well as separating, fighting, and killing each other in His name.


Session 4

I See You Underneath Your Human Labels

This session highlights the Creator as humanity's Judge, focusing on God's need to establish universal and timeless criteria He could use to judge all of humanity, from the first to the last human consistently, in a fair way without bias. Attending will learn in this session that what we stand for is more important than who we stand with or call ourselves.


Session 5

Holding It All Together

This session focuses on the continuity and harmony at which everything created is sustained in and outside of our universe, highlighting the fact that the Creator, by whatever name we call Him has continually sustained the things He created since creating them in the beginning. Attendees will get to see the Creator as the beginning of all things, recognizing that we can't do if He doesn't first do in sustaining all things, which should create a new level of appreciation and gratitude for our Creator.


Session 6

I AM Good

This session explores the essence of the Creator Spirit that we refer to as God, highlighting and associating Him with epitomizing universal and timeless principles and characteristics of good that have been considered good throughout history in all the various religions, around the world, among all races of people. Attending this session will help you know what it means to be like God, empowering you to walk in the image and likeness of God, based not on labels, but on our thoughts, words, and actions.