God Beyond Names and Religion (Book)


Title: GOD Beyond Names and Religions

Author: Carlos Head

Pages: 84

Language: English

Publication date: November 29, 2021

ISBN#: 979-8-9852970-1-0



This book introduces humanity to God beyond names and religions as ONE Spirit, Creator, Judge, Sustainer, and Father of all humans. It establishes a foundation people of all labels can stand on as TRUTH regarding the Creator of the spiritual and physical worlds.

It’s a revelation of simple, timeless, and universal truths, principles, and characteristics given to save humanity and help us be better to ourselves, each other, and to the God of good.

GOD Beyond Names and Religions:

  1. Unites us as one people all originating from the same God and Father of all humans, regardless of what we call Him or our diversity
  2. Helps us all recognize that we are the legitimate children of God not based on labels, our actions, or religion
  3. Teaches us to know and define God’s essence with fruits of the Spirit like love, mercy, peace, etc.
  4. Helps people see our beliefs as only changing us, but not God, who is the same in the beginning and end.
  5. Eradicates the justification of enemies based on our different labels by teaching that God wants evil to be our enemy, both internally and externally
  6. Provides us universal and timeless principles and characteristics to embody in being like and pleasing the God of good.


  1. GOD The Spirit
  2. GOD The Creator
  3. GOD The Sustainer
  4. GOD The Judge
  5. GOD Our Father
  6. GOD”S Essence of God
  7. THE Call


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