God Beyond Names and Religion (Ebook)


Title: GOD Beyond Names and Religions

Author: Carlos Head

Pages: 84

Language: English

Publication date: November 29, 2021

ISBN#: 979-8-9852970-0-3

Format: epub / mobi

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If we knew God as one Spirit, Creator, Judge, Sustainer, and Father of all humans, and not just as a religious God of some, we would have already established God’s kingdom in the earth, would treat ourselves and others better, and would have created a world that benefits all people. Because we lack this foundation about God, we struggle personally and collectively.

How do you define your worth? Most people define themselves using religious, racial, national, or other labels. They don’t know whose they are, so they can’t know who they are. As such, they war with themselves believing they are no more than their labels. Most people believe God is a religious, ethnic, or national God of some. This belief cases us to live our lives from an “Us vs Them” perspective that often justifies the mistreatment of others (them). What are we becoming? It seems we have forgotten what it means to be like God. We routinely substitute God and good for greed, sacrifice character for cash, and divorce principles for power, in addition to calling right wrong and evil good for religious, racial, and political expediency.

Think about it. Can you think of a time when religions weren’t separated and fighting each other believing Jehovah is distinct from Allah, who is different from Yahweh? What do you think this does to us? It separates us, causing us to engage in perpetual wars that keep the Houses and people of God and good fighting each other instead of evil. We’re self-destructing and can’t continue to survive like this.

GOD Beyond Names and Religions¬†introduces people to God, absent the connotations that only divide us into religious tribes. It helps you go from thinking you’re not enough because of your race, nationality, or social status to defining your worth as a legitimate child of God. Being better to yourself, thinking better thoughts, and having better inner-dialogue help produce better actions and a better life.

Being reminded that our good is more important than our labels help draw us back to God. It helps us align with God by calling us to embody His essence in our thoughts, words, and actions beyond all labels. You cannot read this book and remain the same because it removes the bandages and reveals truths about God that frees us to be our best. Knowing that God is ONE God liberates and allows us to be brothers and sisters to one another as humans. Starting with the foundation of ONE, we can unite and begin building God’s kingdom of good reigning over evil, and a world that benefits people of all human labels.

Carlos Head began receiving the revelations that produced this book 26 years ago. In those years, this labor of love has been a lonely, sometimes bumpy, challenging road of faith, perseverance, love for God, love for people, and preparation. Most of all, it’s been a road of God’s grace, favor, mercy, and love in keeping me when I probably would not have kept myself. I don’t believe God ever intends for the messenger to be more important than the message. In keeping with this belief, let this book take you to a new place and deeper understanding of God that unites us in TRUTH beyond labels. It is my honor to share these truths with you that you know God the way He’s always wanted each of us to know Him.


  1. GOD The Spirit
  2. GOD The Creator
  3. GOD The Sustainer
  4. GOD The Judge
  5. GOD Our Father
  6. GOD’S Essence of Good
  7. THE Call

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